Discover The "Rice Hack" I Used To Melt Away 82 lbs And Change My Life!!

Here's my Plus to Petite Story...

By Vanessa, 46 from Akron, OH.

The old me.

For years I quietly hated my pregnancies for what they had done to my body.

Yes, I know how awful that sounds... but my waistline remained flabby and round for TWO DECADES after giving birth, and I tried everything to change it.

Endless hours in the gym, going on walks, hiring a trainer and trying all kinds of strict diets that prevent you from eating all the foods that you love, yet the results were always disappointing. No matter what weight-loss program I tried, nothing seemed to work for me!

Did it help that I was trying to juggle being a mom, a homemaker, a career woman, and a "fitness bunny" (Ha!)? HECK no!

It's no wonder my intimacy with my husband practically vanished, and I couldn't help but notice him staring at younger women... even after all I did for him and our family.

I was sacrificing everything to be a "perfect mom", only to look in the mirror and realizing there was nothing perfect about me.

I felt tired, frustrated, and far from my best self... and I knew it was time for a change - a realistic change that could fit into MY schedule without adding more hours to the day.

I started looking online for something faster and easier.

That's when I had my "Eureka Moment": I found Dr Oz video explaining the "Exotic Rice Method" I use today! 

The video promised incredible results that I really couldn't believe... I was skeptical, but with my health the way it was, I decided to take a chance.... and thank God that I did!!!

The new revived me!!

Turns out, my struggles had NOTHING to do with what I ate, my genes, or how much I exercised. The REAL issue was my metabolism slowing to a crawl everytime I tried to lose weight...

Simply put: every time I ate less, my body slowed down and I wouldn't lose any weight.

This rice hack solves that problem: it puts your body into 24/7 fat-burning mode - while eating the foods you love!

Now, after being at 220+ pounds for twenty years, I'm thrilled to say I've reached 139 pounds and couldn't be happier!

I even shared the "Exotic Rice Method" with my daughter, and she effortlessly got back in shape after her second pregnancy, in less than a year!

Oh, and my husband's attention is now on me... where it should be. I could say more about that, but you know what I'm getting at ;)

Please, take a few minutes to watch the video below about the rice hack. It might just be the answer to your needs... but you'll have to see it for yourself to be sure! I promise it will be worth the wait.

Start your journey towards a healthier and happier you today!



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